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hollie hock

Came across these two today, I couldn't believe the amount of insects on them

They were so full of wildlife, you could hear them as you got near. I know nothing about shrubs


 I've seen some torteshells, peacocks and a comma? on the first one as well as loads of fat bumblies

Would I be right in thinking that you can take cuttings of them?

Thanks for any information

Mark 499

First one is a Pieris


Those top flowers look like Pieris, but that's not a shrub I know well. 

and Chimonanthus praecox, that's a buzzer is it. Good. Still waiting for mine to flower. 15 plus years from seed now, about 6 foot tall

hollie hock

Brilliant thanks very much The C. praecox is definately a buzzer nut. Can't spell it and can't pronounce it either.  That's amazing that you grew that from seed.

Up to now I've only been a flower grower but wow these two shrubs are amazing for early emerging insects

I suspected No 2 as a Corylopsis? Is it scented as I believe C.praecox is?



Growing things from seed is just one of my obsessions hollie 

hollie hock

You're in for the long term nut  Not that I know anything about this at all. The shrubs around me are about the same height as yours, so you should have some flowers soon.

Don't know Lizness, but will investigate tomorrow


You might be right Lizness. I haven't seen mine in flower yet


I agree with Lizness, 2nd one is Corylopsis.

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