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09/08/2013 at 12:25

I will be in the area and was thinking of visiting Cambridge Botanic Gardens next week - is it worth a visit at this time of year?

Will require a bit of a detour, so thought i would check if anyone knows it well?

09/08/2013 at 12:29

It's always an interesting place to visit with some very unusual plants. I was there last week and there were a lot of tender and half hardy plants looking very well. It is a botanical collection though rather than a display garden so it depends on what you enjoy looking at.

09/08/2013 at 12:33

Thanks Nut.  I have to say i enjoy gardens more - any other recommendations for aThursday afternoon between Kings Lynn and London?? 

09/08/2013 at 12:39

I love this place, It's not far from King's Lynn. Lovely walled agrden and a good nursery. It is a nursery, not a GC. It's got a loo but no other facilities.

09/08/2013 at 14:03

new york botanic gardens .is worth a vist 

09/08/2013 at 19:27

West acre looks great Nut - that's what I'll do .  Many thanks for the tip.  Will just be me in the car, so possibly room for a purchaser or two

09/08/2013 at 20:04

chick...or three  

09/08/2013 at 23:13

I think i might have been rumbled ....

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8 messages