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This spring my camellias were looking very sick, with lots of yellow leaves. Following advice on here (thanks again obelixx !!) i gave them a feed of sequestered iron, and they now look healthier than they have ever done. The pack said that one application should last 6 months. So my question is, do i give them another dose now, do i wait til next spring, or do i wait to see if they start yellowing again before i do anything? I have acid soil, but these plants were newly planted in the garden a couple of seasons ago, and had been watered with tap water to get them through dry spells.

I'd have thought wait if they look fine just now chick - it may be a waste if they're not really needing it.  It's not a problem we usually have in Scotland - the climate and soil suit Camellias so well so I'm not really qualified to answer! We have a lot of rain so they don't often need extra watering, but our tapwater is usually fine for them too. 

agree with fairygirl...once a year in early spring is fine


Great - thanks very much both.  Will leave it for now and keep an eye on them over the winter.


It is very important that camelllias are watered well all summer, and now as well, they are or have formed the buds for next years flwers, and if they even thought they had got dry now, they will drop the flower buds come spring - one of the most common causes for camellias not flowering.  As you have fed and watered yours, I think you can expect glorious flowers come spring. 


Don't think they are short of water here at the moment - as i sit looking at the rain coming down in stair rods !! But i hear what you are saying. Looking forward to next spring already

I'm glad they've responded and are looking healthier.  If they're still looking green I'd wait for spring to do the next sequestered iron treatment but I'd also give them a mulch now of soil improver for ericaceous plants and again next spring. 

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