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I have been asked by a client to replace a large section of his lawn with fresh turf

i would rather wait till Spring . But is now Sept / Oct a good time to lay turf ???

cheers all

I think so.  If ground has already been properly prepared this is ideal time.  There will be plenty of moisture in the next few weeks and cooler comditions suit grass establishment.  Soil is warm and right now weather conditions are perfect.

I would say the spring is best. Grass, then has the full summer to establish itself before frost and winter sets in.

Turf needs sunshine and warmth to grow, mositure and water to take root. Spring is an ideal time if the turf is well watered.

Absolutely.  You can in fact lay turf at any time of year, but Spring & Autumn are optimum.  Most important when laying turf is to keep it moist & lay it within 2 days of delivery.



I think this autumn it will be fine - the soil is still warm and we have some rain coming.

Some autumns when the soil is cold and claggy I would rather leave it until spring.



it'll be fine, I've sown grass seed later than this, turf will do Ok

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