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Paul Anderson


Have been researching climbers and was thinking about bougainvillea as I have seen it many time in Europe. Can I plant it in my front garden or will it not take because of our cold winters etc.....Thanks for any help or advice


I was given one as a present and planted it in a sheltered south west facing sunny spot but it didn't survive last winter even though the label said it was hardy and would cope to minus 5 degrees.  Such a shame as it was beautiful.  I had given it a thick protection of mulch but to no avail.   


great in a sunny frost free conservatory, but  will not survive a winter outside in this country.


Agree with the above, our winters are too long and wet and the summers are just not hot, dry and long enough for them to survive outside all year.


A clematis would be a safer bet, or possibly one of the more hardy passion flowers


gardenning granny

Depends on the site in the front garden - I have a six foot fence between mine and my neighbours gardens  and it is clad in Everlasting sweet pea which flowers all sumnmer, and a jasmine which competes with it well and gives scent in addition to flower.


i had passion flower in the midlands it broke out the pot went down the fence 30 feet and was stunning the fruit was sweet and the kids passing going to school loved to pick them, they are one tough plant i used to trim it with a saw im growing it again lovely plant.

Paul Anderson
Thanks everyone I really appreciate your feedback, sorry for late thank you however I have been away

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