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Because this is a friendly, chatty and informal forum I think we can sometimes be frank.....over frank...with our opinions.  Just as we are with friend's and family we can say what we feel.

If this was a forum like many are there would be a formality without the friendliness ...we would just ask our garden questions and leave it at that.  However, this is more than that I think.  If we argue too much we will lose the forum as we know it.  Debate yes!  Love that.  Differences of opinions yes!  Arguements no.  

This is just a well meaning  thread needing no further comment on it.  


Verdun you don't know my family  Do agree with you.


What can you say, Verdun, not much I'm afraid, facts are facts. I seem to have upset someone, whose post made me very angry, in fact I still am. Maybe the poster meant well, but sometimes you have consider how the "recipient" might feel and I'm not sorry for my remarks. Sometimes the truth hurts and all I can say ist "if the cap fits, wear it". It is not right to tell someone so bluntly what they should or should not do. Suggest, yes, but not dictate.

So, that is my final word on the subject. I will continue to enjoy this forum and all the constructive tips from everyone which have taught me a lot and have made my garden a lot more interesting and lovely than it was, even if it has cost me a small fortune.



There is a song "It Ain't what you do it's the way you do it" by Bananarama which could be changed for  "It not what you say but the way that you say it!"

Sometimes we all take things out of context, especially if some one posts about how they like some vegetable or flower plant and another person posts that they have tried it and it was useless or horrible, then it becomes personal and an insult when all it was was a different view point after all!

It pays to have a thick skin sometimes!


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