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I have a very small lawn 8mx4m.  Can I use Tomorite to feed my lawn?  it has had red thread and I was advised to feed my lawn to out grow the red thread can I use Tomorite?

LL2............Tomorite is for fruiting veg as the name suggests and would be wasted on your lawn.

There are several threads on Lawn care which offer some good advice on feeding your lawn.......when to do and what to use. You could check them out using the Search facility.

Hope this helps 


Tomorite contain the nutrients that will promote flowering and fruiting which is not what you want your lawn to do.

For a lawn with a problem I would use a proprietary autumn lawn feed. 

Chris 11

Lawn feed would have a higher nitrogen content than tomato feeder. Any basic lawn feed at the right concentration and spread will do the job, as would any suitable high nitrogen product at the right dilution.


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