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Hi everyone I was wondering if I posted some pictures of the strange pods I found when I chopped down my dead apple tree.

When I moved into my home there was a dead apple tree in the garden, I asked my neighbors about it and they said it just died for no reason.  Anyway I have now just chopped it down and found these strange pods/cocoons/egg sacs made of rolled leaves, perfect size and shape.  I was hoping someone could identify them for me and solve the mystery.

Thank you in advance.


is there anything in them or are they empty?


Yes they they seem to have little white eggs in. Pinhead in size.

I can open one and take another picture if you like.


Very interesting about the bees. Thank you,



You are welcome, Vonni.  Solitary bees just use a nice-looking ready made hole - they are 'garden goodies' and won't have been responsible for the demise of the tree.

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