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I am using a waste veg oil heater (chip pan oil) in my garage. It consists of 2 jam jars with a slit in the top and hessian sack as a wick, with two big terracotta plant pots stacked on top. it does the job, heat wise but i am getting about 2 handfuls of soot a week in the pots. It looks decent stuff and i would hate to waste it but the eye can be deceiving. Will this soot be any good in the compost and does it have any value?






I wouldn't, I used to use soot from the log fire, and ash from bonfire of plant waste, I wouldn't use anything from an oil based or coal based product though.

Maybe someone else will have some ideas.?

I remember my grand father using it on the garden, but for the life of me I can't remember why.

Personally I wouldn't, oil based stuff isn't good for the soil, it makes it greasy and won't break down naturally very quickly. There are micro organism's which feed on oil waste in nature, but not for the average garden. 


Thanks Lyn & Dave.

I found out that is was used on the garden to darken the soil and then it would heat up quicker. It was also used to deter slugs and has some good nutrient qualities, after it has been weathered for 6 month.

I will not be using the oil based soot.

Thanks for your replys.

In agreement with the above...........soot and ash from burning wood is useful.

I am intrigued by the veg oil heater tho..........just hope you are not scoffing all those chips personally



Its a bigger version of this.



I will find a fix soon!!!


Interesting idea, but I'd be a bit worried about putting it in a pitching boat like the guy in the video said, but perhaps he only uses it when moored!

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