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hollie hock

Great pics Bill, as others have said when it snows in the Uk, we don't seem to be anywhere prepared and the whole country seems to descend into chaos. I don't like it much but it does look beautiful

 Recognise this Woodgreen?  Not too far from the New Forest and a stone's

throw from where I live in Dorset.  It was taken in winter 2010 I think!

Bill - I've posted on your Northern Ontario snow post, not realizing you live

in Southern Ontario.  You live in a beautiful country and I'll never forget it,

but I'm really pleased we don't have your winters!  Really sad to hear about

your son Bill, it must be heartbreaking for you.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Is it the zig-zag at Bournemouth, with Sandbanks in the background. If it is i have parked my car on east cliff many a time and walked up and down it. Thanks for the nostalgia trip. ( you have to pay to park there now and I go elsewhere!)

Hi Woodgreen,

No - it's the zigzag going down to Castle Beach from Highcliffe Castle - do you know this area?  We walk the our retriever there a lot and she loves it!  Parking is free 

in Highcliffe Castle car park from 1st October to 1st May,  which is good (in fact

all the car parks along the beach area at Friars Cliff and Steamer Park are free,

it's about the only concession Christchurch Council give us so we make the most

of it!  If  you like a good walk you could park at Steamer Point, walk through the

lovely woodlands and then go down the zigzag in the photo onto the beach,

if you turn left at the bottom of the zigzag you can walk all the way to the

Hampshire Border (ha ha) not as far as you think perhaps, but still a good walk!

Hope this will save you driving all the way to Bournemouth in the future

Woodgreen!  If you need any more info post me again and if you google

Highcliffe Castle, it'll give you all the history etc.  You get a good cup of

coffee there too! The bit you thought was Sandbanks in the photo is

Hengistbury Head - looks miles away doesn't it, but it's not really!  


star gaze lily

I've just googled it flowers,  beach looks lovely. Might have to go that way one day.


Hope you make it Star - I think you'll love it!  

Woodgreen wonderboy

I know Highcliffe very well, used to cycle there when I was a lad... only 10 years old and about 40 mile round trip. Mums and Dads were much more relaxed then. Main roads and no gears on my bike. Used to go with my best friend on Sundays.... The cliffs were higher then, or at least much nearer the sea... as you will know this coastline is always slipping. You may not be aware that in those days it was actually in Hampshire, and was highjacked by Dorset later.Bournemouth too. Until they did that hardly anyone lived in Dorset!!!

My wife and I have visited there so, so often , that it became a home from home. Loved the Belgian buns from the bakery in the High St. However our real fav. was Milford on Sea, except for the ice-creams that are best in Barton.

Memories.... thanks again.

Memories indeed Woodgreen!  You've taken my mind back to the days

when kids could cycle miles without parental concern - I lived in rural

Cheshire in those days though and we used to take off at about 9a.m.

with sandwiches and pop and not get back home until tea time!  Happy days!

my OH and I love Milford too and Lymington, of course!   

Woodgreen wonderboy

My Mum used to make me scrambled egg and baked bean sandwiches. When you think of it she knew about my energy needs!

She sure did!  Mine made me porridge with cream and runny honey on top!

Is the bonny baby (above) one of your grandchildren Woodgreen?

Hi Woodgreen,

He is lovely - I bet you love him to bits!  I adored my great uncle - he remained

one of my best friends until he died at the age of 87!

Woodgreen wonderboy

As I am only 27, he will be 60 before I shuffle off.... Plenty of time to get to know him...


Think you're telling porkies Woodgreen - whoever had a great nephew at

the age of 27!!   Whatever.....I  do hope you enjoy a long and happy relationship

with your little nephew.   

Woodgreen wonderboy

I have 4 great , and I mean great, nieces too... ages from 6 down to 7 months.

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