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I use the measuring pots from laundry detergent and any other small tops, if you feel inclined you can colour co-ordinate with your  Also buy tiny terracotta pots and birds from Garden Shows, will look for the owls mentioned above ... they sound good.  I too enjoy using empty snail shells and shells found at the beach.  But have bought little green caps from Garden Centre, as seem to need so many !!!

I make pom poms from garden twine, or whatever i have to hand, then tie them on to the top of the canes, you could do any colour you fancy!

Artjak, My greenhouse is a Robinsons, the roof beams have a slot in them you buy bolts with half a head push them in the slot turn them then screw the nut on after putting a wire hook on the bolt first. If there is a full greenhouse then fasten a cane to a couple of the wire hooks and drop the strings. Do not know about other makes the Robinson was top of the range many years ago things change.



over 30 years, I've never put anything on top of canes, and my eyes are intact. Pay attention to what you're doing , is my mantra.


.... but terracotta owls are soooooo cute


Very true hostafan, ive only recently started knocking myself and have had a few " if that had been an inch lower" moments! Better safe than sorry

Corks from wine bottles are great, but sadly most are screw bottles these days.v


Knew i had a picture somewhere .....



You can wrap them with some tape which helps, Id also recommend that for GH window handles as I've stabbed myself in the head a few times with mine! lol

I agree with LilAmber - I use snail shells.  Quite topical I think!  I wear specs so not strictly necessary but its somewhere to put the shells!  Am sure that someone I know also uses snail shells but sprays/paints theirs in bright colours for a bit of fun.


I've not given serious thought to this and need to put that right


Frank, thank you for that info


I live next to a tennis club and don't throw the balls back any more since one broke a greenhouse pane - and as I found they make excellent cane toppers when punctured with my pruning knife!



I don't really use them because I don't have many plants which need staking. I only  have big ones for the sweet peas and they're much taller than me! I keep the tops from any climbers I buy though, and use those.

Love the owls though chick  

Rebecca's idea is great - perhaps you could do it with rubber bands 


If you know anyone who plays squash then ask them for any squash balls that get split, they're perfect for the job

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