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Paul N

I know that Carol's nursery had to be closed at the end of 2011 after the neighbour declined to renew the lease on the rented land. Did she start up another nursery nearby? I've searched on the Net but there has been no update.

Bunny ...
I thought was due to neighbour fallout over compost.
Paul N

Well there's much more to it than that. Carol rented land from her neighbours on a three year lease for her nursery. The neighbours moved on, the new neighbours wanted the land for themselves. The compost heap close to their patio was mentioned as was Carol's concern over trees being chopped down. I can see from the satellite that Carol's house borders onto a large ploughed field. I wonder if she's made any attampt to purchase a portion of that field for her new nursery......or perhaps the original dispute has resolved itself?

Lavender Lady

I have also been looking to see if Carol has started another nursery but to no avail.  I often visit that area of Devon as I have family nearby and would love to visit there.  I was watching the re runs of Carol Kleins Cottage garden series and saw that she had an open day at her garden, do you know if she still has it. 



It's not on the ngs website so it looks like not this year


Lavender Lady

thank you nutcutlet, that is a shame maybe she does it every other year. 

Paul N

Yes her NGS day was cancelled in 2011 and 2012. Does Carol visit here? If so I'd be interested to hear what has happened.

Sometime June/July 2013, Carol was visiting a garden in which was planted a fairly new rose, (or could have been a forgotten ancient one!) about which she waxed most enthusiastically, saying she would buy one for her garden. It was chest height on her, though I think , planted on a bank, and filmed from above to fully appreciate the wonderful flowers, white, flushed with the palest pink wash, abundant, held upwards,  between 2 to 4 inches across, and lavishly scented. I believe it was a perpetual flowering shrub rose, and had a very open habit. Perfect for a site I have in mind. I'm pretty sure I wrote down its name somewhere perfectly safe......but cannot find it. Can anyone out there help? Please.

Just wanted to mention that Carol's programme filmed at her cottage, has just started to view in New Zealand TV. Love it and watch it every week. Have watched GW from an early age when Clack's farm was the venue. Brilliant Carol, great to watch.


Glad someone else remembers Clack's Farm Phil - with Stefan Buczacki, Clay Jones and Geoffrey Smith and a lovely tune to introduce the programme.  Carol's garden is so lovely and she is so enthusiastic too.


Lucy Smith2 - Carol Klein has waxed lyrical about a gallica rose called Rosa Mund which was filmed in Novemebr 2013 and on GW - not sure if is the one you are thinking of.  I will dig around a bit more to see if I can suss out which one it was. 

Does Carol Klein still have a garden somewhere? Friends are coming over from New Zealand next month, May 2016, and would absolutely love to meet her and see a garden. Maybe she will be talking somewhere. Thanks in advance.


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