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There is currently a petition to DEFRA demanding a change in the law to make cat owners take responsibility for their pets (and their pet's faeces) I fully support this petition and urge you to do the same.  No, it probably won't have any immediate effect and yes, it would be very difficult to ensure that cat owners take more responsibility.  But things do change.  And seeds have to be planted to begin the implementation of change.  Should cat owners be subject to the same or similar laws to dog-owners then the cats themselves will have greater protection from un-caring owners. (many cat owners feel they are simply able to go on holiday and leave their cat un-cared for - this is cruel and very distressing for any animal however much a 'free spirit' they are - I hope that with a future change in the law this would be prevented)  Laws and attitudes DO change.  Children used to work mills and factories and women didn't used to be able to vote.  The earth used to be viewed as flat.  Worldwide the cat population is exploding.  We need a change in the law.  Maybe not right now, but we definitely soon will.  Sow some seeds of change now.  Protect your gardens AND protect cats.  Please sign the petition.


That'll be the day mate! People who leave their cats without getting someone to look after them when they go on holiday can already be had for cruelty to animals. What do you suggest, that you keep a cat locked up in the house? Tie them to a lead, or what? Don't be b***dy ridiculous!

Speaking as one who has actually gone out there and bought two cats from a rescue centre (and believe me, they aren't cheap to buy) I feel that I can speak with just a little knowledge on the matter of cats and their owners.

Some people buy or are given a kitten and then find that it needs daily care and maintenance, it doesn't like loud noises and reacts badly to them and it wants to do what cats do such as scratch  furniture and generally not be the little dolly/plaything that they wanted. So they chuck it out or they torture it for fun or in retaliation for it acting like a cat or they move house and leave it locked up to die of starvation and thirst.

It's not cats that are the problem, it's people.

You can campaign for laws against this or against that, but in the end you are dealing with idiots and there isn't a law written yet that can make an idiot into a responsible intelligent human being.

I understand that in some states in Australia cats are not allowed out of their own garden.  Not sure how they are kept in though.

55 million birds a year are killed by cats.


I feel everyone should take responsibility for their own actions. If that action is acquiring a cat they should think about the effect it has on other people and the balance of nature.


lynnoot wrote (see)

55 million birds a year are killed by cats.

I doubt very much that is true and can be proved-evidence please with facts.

A lot of worms are killed by birds-shall we protect the worm?

And The Little Baker-stupid and silly idea-Justin Hopkins came on here weeks ago and was laughed at -you are either him or his mate-his idea was to take them for walks on leads

I think The Govt has better things to do that worry about cats messing in gardens.


Have you ever tried to train a cat to do anything in a place or when it doesn't want to. Not as compliant as a dog


when i had cats.. i kept an area of my flower beds empty and bare.. dug it over regularlary and my cats always used it.. as did others.. but mine never went anywhere else.. as it was soft and easy for them dig..

so maybe other cat owners could do the same..


It's reminds me of that petition on the dowing street website, calling on John Prescott to ware a silver star shaped badge at all time's with the words Deputy on it. When he was Deputy.

LittleBaker I think that  petition will go nowhere.  To be honest I do not want my tax's spent on policing cat owners. I think the Police have more important things to do.



 some cats know there onions . 

gardeningfantic wrote (see)

when i had cats.. i kept an area of my flower beds empty and bare.. dug it over regularlary and my cats always used it.. as did others.. but mine never went anywhere else.. as it was soft and easy for them dig..

so maybe other cat owners could do the same..

Exactly, I have the same and I gave my neighbour a big bottle of Jeyes Fluid too, no cats have visited her since, at least not ours!


LOL archiepem!

See the main difference between a cat and a dog is dogs sleep at night and cats don't. Are they meant to be shut in all night? Are we meant to stay up all night following them around? How would you deal with that? 

I wear gloves when working. Its not nice to grab a pile of cat poo but every job has its drawbacks and in the grand scheme of things I can think of worse things. 


I have an area under my conifer where nothing will grow so it is dry, loose and easy to dig in from all the leaves falling off said conifer. My cat goes nowhere else. I, initially, sprinkled some cat litter on the area when we first rescued her and she quickly caught on. She does go into many neighbours' gardens but for adventure only.

We haven't had any mice in the house since we got her either  


well charlies  a swine for that she brings them in the middle of the night and let them loose and birds in the day . gets locked down stairs  now 


Aw this gave me a good chuckle this morning! Can't imagine how this would possibly work. Visions of a cat warden lurking in the bushes, catching cats doing their business where they shouldn't, chasing them through peoples gardens, to capture them and identify owner. Ridiculous!

If you don't wants cats in the garden get a dog, or borrow one for a while until cats learn.

I would be more interested in encouraging horse riders to scoop the mammoth messes they leave behind in the parks and roads near me!



No Cat problem here, but maybe you could start a petition against foxes they keep crapping on the lawn.  Or maybe rabbits too.

Or the farmer next door who has calves dropping pats all day. Actually the worst is muck spreading you could cut the air with a knife on those days.

Seriously cats are pretty clean they bury their waste, a completely different situation to that of dogs or foxes. Jeyes fluid seems to be the thing for cat control. Cats are also pretty good on the mouse / rat problem. Which is a much bigger issue, as mice are basically incontinent. pretty disgusting when they get into your kitchen cupboards.     

seen in Derbyshire garden , a very tall cage made from a wooden frame with attached chicken wire (even across the top ) and a chicken wired /wooden gate .Shade for cats, a dugg area for the crap ,  and a litter tray ,a movable tree trunk . 

Thought it was a odd thing to do - but maybe its the answer - the cats seemed to be enjoying themselves and still there at dusk - there was a covered area which contained blankets . Maybe the cats bed ?

Not my garden, please note.

 Ours spend the day under low-growing shrubs waiting for me to walk past with something large like a wash basket so that I can't see my feet. They then skitter out and grab me round the ankles before zooming off towards the horizon.

I know what you mean about muckspreading, Blackest. Oh those lovely rural smells.


lol Waterbutts, not a day goes by without me saying "this cat will be the b***** death of me". I'm sure he is trying to make me break my neck.