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The potty gardener

If you have a dog you can have a fence to keep it in your garden.If everyone with a cat had to keep them in their own gardens then the fences would have to be very high and slippery.I doubt many people would like this type of fence constructed. I have an indoor litter tray which my cats use. They still enjoy going out and exploring.


I can second the bit about the muck spreading, the farmers here do it just before rain is due, whew! Had an American boss once, he used to say "the farmer's out with the honey wagon again".


I have asked before on the forum about keeping cats out of the garden. I have done the Jeyes Fluid and that does seem to keep them out, well all but one little black and white cat who comes in nearly everyday to have a drink out of my small pond. He then sits and admires my garden for while then he is gone. It is what cats do and I don't think any law will be able to stop it. It will be a waste of tax payers money, Jeyes Fluid is a lot cheaper.


My cat hates being kept inside.  If the cat flap is locked it starts to go a bit mental.  It likes company only when it wants company and it pretty much can look after itself.  It just needs some food, water and delousing every so often.  It doesn't come when called, it doesn't frighten the postman and it keeps itself meticulously clean.

As for killing the local wildlife - it's not bothered about them and has never brought anything home.  The local hedgehogs will sit right next to it and eat the catfood.

Why should I even try to restrict its movements?



A cats not likely to argue with a hedgehog is it?...even if it is eating its food.

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