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Just found this on my raspberries???? I have never seen one like this before - I think it may be a moth caterpillar but I am not very knowledgeable on these so if anyone could identify it for me I would be grateful - thanks



Google for a caterpillar site.  There are several.


Vapourer moth I think.

I think it is the caterpillar of the White Satin moth, Leucoma salicis, which as the Latin name suggests means that it likes to eat willows. It also eats poplar leaves. Any nearby? It may have fallen off one or been taken by a bird which later discovered that they taste 'orrible.


I'll go with LilAmber, vapourer


Gold stars to LilAmbar and nutcutlet! Go to the top of the class!

You're right. The little tufts I took to be spots. No, it is the Vapourer moth. My moth book says that the hairs can give you a nasty rash if they break off in your skin. No harm to leave it alone as it's not after your rasps.

The Manic Slughunter

I had one of these in my garden last Sunday - it was 5 inches long crawling along the fence. We decided to launch it over the hedge after reading it gives you a painful rash:/


five inches? must have been on steroids


I found one last week on a plant I bought. About an inch long.

Thanks all, I looked up Vapourer moth, and it definitely ws on of those, so glad I did not touch it, and when i looked closer at my soft fruit bed, i found more in the gooseberry bush- so will definitely leave them alone as they are doing no harm.

thanks again

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