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Can anyone help with how to keep cats out of borders, please? I recently dug up four conifers (cat mess was quite a problem before) and I might as well have a sign for ladies and gents litter trays 'this way'. I have tried water-filled bottles and orange peel, but, I swear, the cats just turn and laugh at the house!


There's a plant called cat schoo (not sure of its latin name) that is supposed to smell awful to cats but not to us and has little blue flowers. Or there's also the good old curry plant that has silvery foliage and has yellow flowers and strongly smells of curry. I don't know of any other plants that might deter, but I'm sure other forumers do.


Lots of other threads on keeping cats out of gardens,Jeyes fluid seems the favourite.


Prickly sticks and twigs can be effective too. I use prunings from berberis etc, but it's not too attractive initially if you have large gaps between plants -like in a newly planted border.


Powerful waterpistols - also keep the soil moist - they don't like digging in mud. 



Fantastic tips - thank you. I do love cats, I have two, but not their poo!

PLEASE can any one  tell me how to stop cats pooing on the soil  thanks  brady,,,,,,,

I have just purchased pellets called Silent Roar which had a good review for chasing off cats. It says that the are permeated with Lions scent. So hopefully they will not like the big cat!  Will post how it goes.

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