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My little sisters had those, he youngest dropped hers down the loo and my dad had to fish it out.

hollie hock

in my experience I find this board a great place, I haven't found that people take offence if your answer/post is genuine and if there is a disagreement about the advice so be it. We all bring our own experience.

I agree with others who talk about the written medium, as so much is lost through just text.Don't know the exact figures but non verbal communuication is key to how we get on with each other, so when communicating on the internet it's a lot more tricky and open to misinterpretation.

I always put some thought into how I phrase threads/posts.

I agree it is very much like workplace emails it is always worth pausing and considering your response before you hit the send button.

As for sock puppetts, well that's opened another defination- I always thought that they were your dads socks with fuzzy felt eyes on them...............but great modern meaning.

I do have to say though- don't they have anything better to do?

That's what made me laugh with the sock puppet revelation.

He is so cute, I want one.


hollie hock

I love him, especially his stripey shirt

hollie hock

maybe Bob for his hat- has a slight reggae feel about him?

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