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I have a cedar tree in my front garden (which I love).  It is approx 40ft high, 10ft away from the house and the trunk is 4ft away from the main drains.  The roots are lifting the concrete path and my husband & son-in-law say it needs to go (sob)!  I am trying to save it and hoping someone can give me some advice.  Thank you Trudie.


You need to check with your local council - firstly it may have a Tree Preservation Order on it - that will limit what you can do, even pruning the branches or roots.- they may well have a tree specialist who can give you advice - if not then you'll need to seek advice from someone reputable - you may find someone here

Info about TPOs here

including :

"14. What happens if I carry out work on a protected tree without
If you deliberately destroy a protected tree, or damage it in a manner likely to
destroy it, you could be liable to an unlimited fine. You could also be fined
if you cause or permit such work. Other offences can lead to fines of up to


Sorry Trudie - that all sounds a bit fierce - the edit button doesn't work - I was going to add some smilies 

Good luck 

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