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Hi I live in Manchester and noticed the above plants in a garden near to where I live. I knocked on the door and asked what the plant was called and the gentlemen, said that it was Centaurea Macrocephala but he couldn't remember where he bought it from. I have searched the internet only to find lots of seeds, but I have never grown anything from seeds and wanted bulbs does anyone know where to buy these pants from for are seeds easy to grow.



Looks like they have them in the RHS online shop - 4.99 a plant.

i have  never seen the yellow ones before - they look impressive. I grow the c. montana and they are trouble free

Hi Chicky, the yellow Centaurea Macrocephala are lovely, when you say  you grow Montana do you grow them from seed or bulbs, I will also look at the RHS online shop




ps thanks to everyone else for your replys



Madge - i have centaurea montana bought as plants ( think they are just ordinary perennials with roots, as opposed to bulbs or corms).  I have had them about 3 years and they pop back up every spring and flower their socks off with no help from me - my kind of plant

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