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ive just been watching Beechgrove and was interested in the candy floss tree they were discussing.  They said it could be cut right back so used as a shrub rather than tree. However when looking up more about the tree I found this which says they do not tolerate hard pruning.  Anyone know Much about candy floss trees?


Cheers Dove.  That's 2 for coppicable and 1 against!  The coppicers have it.

Sounds a lovely plant.  Now to consider where I could put's on the "one day" list.

It is a lovely tree and the smell in autumn is just heavenly! I had always understood that it wouldn't respond to hard pruning. Mine is definitely a tree, with a graceful shape, and I wonder if it would look rather butchered if reduced to a coppice stool (well, it definitely would at first!). The branches grow out almost at right angles, so I'm concerned that it would look like a tree with its top cut off.



I've not tested it but I've got rhododendrons and pieris.  Although it can't be that acidic as ive got hebes too.  The spot I've got in mind is replacing an azaelea and spirea. A longer term plan though, Dove - you've seen how much work my garden needs and how little time I've got.  Can't stop dreaming and designing though!

It may be one of those trees that if coppiced when young and the wood is juvenile will happily re-grow, but if allowed to get mature will not respond happily to pruning. I think beech trees may perform in this way.

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