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i just been given two quite large trough baskets about 42' long, i got a few bedding plants for them. i dont feel like coughing up the dosh for liners. Anyone got any ideas on a cheap alternative? was thinking maybe bin liner


I've heard of people using carpet offcuts. As long as the water can soak through, but a certain amount would hold in to keep the soil moist. Not tried it myself though so don't know how successful it is.


I'm not very sure that I know the sort of thing you have. Is it like a gigantic hanging basket affair? If so, how about some old carpet or old fashioned underlay? Bin liner would need a fair few holes pushed through to allow drainage.


black weed suppressant works for me.



I use an empty compost bag turned inside out - they are black on the inside. Most of the big bags reach the length of my troughs. I fold them around at the ends to get a good fit . I usually make some holes about an inch up the sides to allow water to be retained at the bottom. You don't see the black for long as the plants soon cover it. 

Pottie Pam

Years ago on some gardening programme (I think it was Alan Tichmarsh) they used an old wooly jumper. That would work well if it wasn't a bright colour and would retain a bit of moisture too.

I put a disposable nappy in my baskets before I put the compost in. That really helps with the watering. I tear the nappy apart first.

I've used inside-out compost bags - same method as Daintiness, works a treat. Given the size of the troughs maybe try a cheap pond liner fabric? This would help retain some moisture which weed membrane wouldn't - put some holes in as described for the compost/bin bags.

I say cheap as you don't need it to be the good stuff and it wil be thinner so would probably be slightly more flexible for getting a neat finish

I use compost bags as well.  Dont make the drain holes in the bottom, make them about 2inches up, that way the bag will hold some water in a drought.


I go with Lyn-very effective reservoir. I also line the liner with J-cloth and sprinkle some slow release feed and water retaining grandules( after I have soaked them in H2o to swell them before I add crocks and then compost.

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