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Anyone know anywhere selling cheap tubers. Everywhere I look they cost a lot to post more than the tuber and I only want a couple.

They are available in garden centres, shops like poundland, etc.  about £1 I think.  Just pot up in small pots and keep warm

Aldi, Poundland, Wilkinsons  GW offers,all do tubers and if you treat them properly they usually come up well in the first year, better in the second.

My local Wilkinsons has tubers for sale for £1.00 I bought three even though I have loads already. The tubers I bought were good quality although obviously not huge. Last spring Crocus had tubers in their sale at a very reasonable cost....all grew very well and are fine in storage, I checked my tubers earlier today.


I might pop down and have a look I am wanting a bishop of llandaff and a bishop of oxford along with some decorative ones and some gladioli. Thanks for the replys


Ah!  Cairnsie, you may not get named varieties like that in poundland etc.  A visit to a decent GC though and you will see the Bishop, etc.  they won't be too pricey.   


I had given up on dahlias because i can't overwinter the tubers - they all rot on me, even after all the effort of digging them up, washing them off, drying them and storing them in a cool frost free place.  If i ordered the tubers now, or bought them from GC, can i put them straight into compost, or do i have to find somewhere to store them til April ??


B&Q have tubers in two packets for a fiver and two tubers a pack

I would say yes chicky buy now and plant in March/April most of the tubers are dry and is dry compost in there packets


I always pot up in dry compost initially.  Ok, it's mild here but tubers in dry compost will   be warmer  than kept in their packets.  

Chicky, not sure it's essential to wash off your tubers.  As long as they are dry a bit of dirt won't hurt.    If you ordered now they will  prob arrive next month....maybe later.  

I think the earlier dahlias are started off the bigger they will become this season

Woodgreen wonderboy

Chicky, if you can pot up and then protect them in the GH you will get a good start. However as you have to wait 'til endish May to actually plant out I would leave it a bit. Start in March?

otnorot but just call me Bill

! pound for a Dahlia tuber,that's a great price,that's about a dollar 80 cents In Canadian. A Dahlia tuber costs 4 dollars and 50 cents here,I think that's 2pounds 70  pence.


Woodgreen wonderboy

Hello Bill, welcome home.... thought about how you were doing . They tell me it has been a bit colder than usual?


yeah its my first year storing tubers now I just have them in buckets in the loft. Our loft is cold in the winter as its ventilated for the trusses in it but doesn't get frosty. So hopefully pretty much ideal storage conditions. The tubers I have at the minute are from ones I have grown from seed. That's one thing I would say If anyone hasn't grow dahlias from seed they are the easiest things I have ever grown and perform really well first year. Thanks for the replys ill have a pop down my local gardening centre.



thanks ill have a look

Chicky. They grow well from seeds. I grow from seed and also saved tubers.Can't say I've noticed alot of difference between the two.


thanks for the answers - i am planning on giving Bishops children a go from seed this year - might give some of the "free" tubers a go too.

Chicky, I sowed seeds of bishops children few years ago.  Well worth it.  All have the Bishop's dark foliage to some degree.  Flowers of shades of red and orange. Kept from year to year.

The national collection of dahlias is not far from me.  Well worth a visit