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If you live near a branch of The Range, they are selling (in King's Lynn branch anyway) ex large potato planting bags - 40x40x50cm (height) 2 bags reduced from £9.99 to £4.99 (though marked down on the packet to only £7.99) They are pretty large and have a velcro flap low down on one side so that you can rootle around for potatoes while they are still growing presumably.


Don't have one around here Artjak, but sound good. Bump back up


thanks KEF

Mark 499

You can use empty compost bags, just roll the top down & then as you add compost you just roll the top up a bit.


If you turn a grow bag inside out you have a black planting bag

I used the green spud bags from Wilkinsons, ever so cheap. If you empty and store during the winter they last for years, I've some 5yrs old.  

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