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Check out my picture of a Peacock butterfly I saw in DECEMBER!!

Won Gardeners world vouchers & appearing in this Februarys issue :) :) :)

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Paul Anderson

Whilst removing Ivy in one of my customers gardens in Harpenden, a butterfly emerged, I quickly followed it and took several photos. I was so delighted that I remembered that people sent in photo's regarding things they saw, as this was very special I wanted to share it with people & I was very surprised to receive an email saying it will be appearing in the next issue

We need to encourage more butterfly's and bees into our gardens, I always try and plant plants and shrubs throughout the season to help our birds, bees and butterfly's........



 Thanks for sharing.

wow....almost as good as your profile pic lol



A perfect example of why people shouldn't remove ivy

Paul Anderson

thanks everyone, I am glad you like it, thanks Jenny it was a fancy dress party!

Fleurisa, I wouldn't normally remove ivy for precisely that reason, however when the ivy in question was causing damage on a customers property, a small section had to be removed, however 80% is still there. 


A few minutes ago I went into the garage for some onions, when I came out I had a peacock butterfly on my apron, I popped him/her back in a quiet corner before he woke up in the warmth of the kitchen.   Lovely to see it  

Paul Anderson

Thank you Dovefromabove, its now on in the gardeners world magazine as my issue came today, so everyone can see this beautiful butterfly

Paul Anderson

thanks Brumbull, Just found out I can use my £25 gardeners world voucher pretty much anywhere

Paul Anderson

I have given the voucher to my mum  

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