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I have several sedums...I experimented the 'chelsea chop' on half the sedums. To date the ones that had the 'chelsea chop' are compact and the flower heads are more upright and the plants don't seem to 'topple' over. The other half are tall and need staking because of the height!! So I'm happy to repeat the chop again next year.

I also 'chelsea chop'  my phloxes. They don't look happy!! Not too many flower heads. Should I have done the chop on these? Your opinions greatly welcomed.

flowering rose

Well you ll soon find out! I do  the chop and it works for most things and tidies things up, I am sure they will be fine.

You need to evaluate your plants.....basically many late flowering perennials benefit from being cut back......sedums and heleniums are good examples.  But timing is important....too late and growth will be poor. Done early June and strong sturdy, albeit later flowers, will result.   However, asters like frikartii Monch, rudbekias, anemones, dahlias and phlox then, no.  Plants like argyranthemums, dianthus, campanulas, violas, etc., benefit from late "Chelsea  chop" being sheared back right now to re energise flowering from early/mid August through to autumn.  

Have fun though may seem a shame to hack floriferous cosmos back but lightly sheared of all buds will quickly produce masses of buds quickly.  

Tks Verdun... no chelsea chop on my phlox next year.



i had  very sad and floppy sedum a year or two ago... divided, and now have 6 or 7 vigorous sedums!

geranium seem to respond really well to Chelsea/ june/ even early July chop!

Ooh I did not know about Cosmos. I will chop some early in the morning then the rain (please!) will revive them. Thanks Verdun. Again!

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