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Would love to go some day, but loving the coverage on the box.  Does anyone know why Monty has gone all Charlie Chapin!? 


He has hurt his leg. Not sure how, but he did talk about it in one of the shows.


Was it Alan T? Not happy at being dropped!?


Was Alan really dropped or did he not do it due to doing a garden this year?


Tee hee hee! I love that idea, big scrap round the back or the show marque. Or do you think it was a surreptitious foot out trip, done on the sneaky?



I understood that AT walked - it had been planned that he and MD should front the show together but AT felt slighted and left.


Ha! probably a strain welly boot, strategically place. I think he was dropped or so I read somewhere.....

joking aside I love them both in there ways.


Secret Squirrel

I'm really enjoying the Show, an hour of garden design indulgent. A great antidote after a hard slog at the office.

Tonight's episode from the BBC's coverage of TCFS was the first full episode that I have seen this year and there's the same old faces. Whilst the show heralds "youth" and "new designers", the BBC's coverage is still the same as the last decade.

Yawnsville Nikki Chapman doing the "milk-run" of medal hand-outs is as dull as watching Nikki Chapman doing the "milk-run" of medal hand-outs from the past years. Might as well as dug-out the same film from the BBC Archive. Compost heap for her next year!

My wife said that in one show that a reporter interviewed two young, trendy journalists who could be prepped for next year's BBC coverage for a fresh view of this perennial TV event.

Again, I emjoyed the Chelsea  coverage.  thought Monty was very good, again.  Hope to see some of the new plants featured.  Usually end up with some of them....foxglove illumination pink (disappointingly not perennial) and anemome wild swan (a delight) and echinacea tiki torch (brilliant colour)

Monty was great as always nice to see cottage gardens getting a look in what does Nikki Chapman contribute to Chelsea ? Apart from being eye candy mmm....anybody any ideas ? 

Well. She does look good Kevin..........   She's fine for Chelsea but not for general garden progs.  

Nikki Chapman 'eye candy'!!??  I thought the term referred to young, attractive persons

At the risk of going off-topic, I smiled at last Friday's GW when Sophie Raworth was in her mother's garden.  Sophie reeled off a few plant names and her mother responded along the lines of "You're improving then.  You can name a few plants now"  Just about sums things up doesn't it.


...there's no eye candy for women.... in my opinion...well, I've yet to see any...


I have to find I am finding Its actually watchable this year (probably because theres no Alan T) .. Though the afternoon sections are pretty dire. However its nice to record and fast forward through.

As usual though the BBC seem to have gone over the top with coverage so that much of it is repetitive - also spoils it a little if your going..

We're actually going on Friday and have re entry for the sell off so hoping to pick some nice things up if the price is right - though i have to say the last time I was there the sell off prices on what I would call everyday specimens  were hardly value for money. Best bets are larger items .

re the Nikki Chapman "eye candy" comment - at the risk of sounding sexist "should have gone to specsavers"




I think Monty is doing a good job, but he looks a bit tired. Prefer him at Chelsea to GW. Alan T has been on TV showing his own show garden, liked him too. I like Nikki Chapman, she's human, sympathetic and funny and quite attractive. Why do women presenters have to be "eye candy" ? She's a TV presenter, you don't need big gardening knowledge to present Chelsea and there is a mixture of presenters anyway, some of whom are gardening experts.

What about Chris Beardshaw Salino?  He's eye candy enough for me and he has very green fingers, enough said 

Cultiv8, I agree. Bearshaw is quite the eye candy...


If you like Chris Beardshaw he's on Beechgrove Garden most weeks on BBC 2 Scotland