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Are there any plants that you saw at Chelsea that you thought I just have to get that. For me it was the Canary Island foxglove [ Isoplexus canariensis ] and I shall be tring the seeds next year.

White foxgloves but they were on my list anyway

Oh and David Austin,s new pale pink roses, a climber and a bush, like I have space for any more roses..I already have 12,8 of them pale pink...

Victoria Sponge

I'm definitely getting some Narcissus Sabine Hay and looking at Narcissus Avalon and a salmon pink allium I didn't get the name of.

My sister who isn't on the forum wants fuchsia maxima and everything out the French iris nursery's catalogue...



Cayeux Irises, some of them are truly amazing.

The black calla "memories" by Brighter Blooms.
Busy Bee2

I noticed the white foxgloves too!! - in the shade - almost glowing - can't remember which garden.  Then one popped up in my garden - self sown, wrong place (not sure there's a 'right place' in our garden at the moment.  But it was not so generous in its bells, but still pretty.  I have some foxglove seedlings coming on for next year.  And that clematis is very tempting!!  I have a Marie Boisselet (excuse spelling), but I planted it next to the trachelospermum.    It sends out a couple of shoots every year, but seriously needs a new flatmate.  It is a great favourite of mine, and soon I will have room to deal with it properly...  The irises were lovely. 

Victoria Sponge
punkdoc wrote (see)

Cayeux Irises, some of them are truly amazing.

That's the one 

I don't recall seeing too much that excited me amongst perennials.  I was disappointed 

For me it was more a case of planting combinations as I already have most of the plants I lust after given I'm now restricting myself to plants that can cope with the local climate and not keel over every winter.

I love the lysimachia beaujloais which I first saw on the Hilliers stand a few years ago and have managed to track down some seeds so will be sowing those next year with a view to doing luscious plantings of deep reds and purples like they had at one end of the Stoke-on-Trent garden and I'm planning a white flowered area for the furthest corner of my garden so more white geraniums, campanulas, foxgloves, tall daisies and so for a long season.

Had beautiful white foxgloves last year, still waiting to see if they return.
Also got more fromlooking at combinations for inspiration than individual plants.
Must admit folks, I get more inspiration from this forum.

Like the sound of that white garden obelixx.  I was promised some white foxgloves by my neighbour but he seems to have forgotten   I call him the foxglove king ...all of his are his own seedlings imcluding whites and a fantastic creamy variety. Will have to  strike a deal with him for white this autumn.  


These are the white plantings I liked - Hilliers stand above and the topiarist garden below:-






Hi Obelixx, the Lysimmachia were lovely. I have grown them from seed before, but unfortunately they seem to be biennial with me, which is a shame, I have just sowed a new lot and will see whether they live any longer.



That was my favorite garden of them all Obelixx


I'll be giving anchusa loddon royalist a try   what a blue

Victoria Sponge
chicky wrote (see)

I'll be giving anchusa loddon royalist a try   what a blue

I bought some last back end and am quite pleased with them...they remind me of a pulmonaria though how they change colour from bud to old flower- the buds are a purple colour.

Like an idiot I didnt check when they flowered so my first attempt at colour coding has failed as I planted them up with phlox which won't be flowering for months...

I've sown some achusa this year and the babies survived the hailstorm which wiped out so many other things.  I'll be concentrating on whites and rich reds next year.


Lemon coloured peony - I think I mentioned it in another thread but now I've forgotten the name.  Begins with an A.