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Why do lots of threads have the red chilli graphic on the left and just a few not have a chilli?

Is it the number of replies or 'views' perhaps.  By the way, I am as thick as three short planks.

Maybe because its a 'Hot' thread!


What makes it hot Dave? 


When I posted the above reply to Dave a 'chilli' appeared!  I wouldn't call this a hot thread.  I'm confused.

Crazy Tomato Lady

maybe it's the number of posts compared to how long the threads existed as my cuck thread has been judged as mild 



I think it's because it's 'active' - several people have posted on it recently - that's my interpretation - but I may be wrong.


I can't see the point of it as I have seen a few threads with a huge number of 'views' and lots of repllies and no chilli .  I think it will remain a mystery. Thanks anyway.

Never worked out what it was for - seems random. Funny though, i don't even notice it anymore - clever how the brain filters out that which is of no use !!

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