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Mundesley Village Norfolk, has had Christmas stuff in shops for a month already, Now is that sad or wot,, not counting Holt which has a Christmas shop all year,Honest


I'm not saying the C word until at least November.


I deliver home shopping for Waitrose, and to-day I saw an advent calendar, tomorrow we're sending Christmas crackers out. I flppin' hate Christmas. Bah Humbug.


Local B&Q store had aisles full of plastic Christmas Trees, Tinsel etc. the other day.  I guess no one told them it's still only b****y Autumn


Arghhh!!!  Hate the C word, and far too early for it in the shops Lets get Halloween over first at least LOL!



When I worked in the garden centre Christmas used to be spoiled for me, because the place was stuffed with xmas tat and artificial trees from September onwards.  I used to escape outside at the back, where the plants had taken refuge, whenever I could... 

I now have a 3-year-old granddaughter, who thinks the lighting and tat display is absolutely wonderful! 

Busy Bee2

There should be a rule....  When I was a child I used to hate the fact that in the first week of the summer holidays, shops had displays saying 'Back to School'.  And now I think shops should keep from putting the stuff out till maybe the last week of November.  Perhaps if consumers stopped buying the stuff early, they would stop displaying it.  Our garden centre (much as I love it) had a tree advertising their Christmas dinners in September I think. 

A card shop in my town had Christmas cards in stock at the end of July! I'm not joking....


The large garden centres around here have had Christmas stock on sales since the end of August!!  There really isn't much 'garden' about them.


I've already done my Christmas shopping.  All the ingredients for 3 large and one small Christmas cake, 2 medium pudding, several jars of mincemeatand  including the essential bottle of brandy.  I've also purchased the red wine for the gallon of Tomato soup I make, I roasted and froze the last of the tomato crop, the pint of cream will have to wait until later.


Have any of the grumblers about early Christmas stockists ever thought about it from some other peoples points of view?  If you want to send cards or gifts long distance overseas by surface mail you've almost missed the boat - it needs to go out NOW!! Also, for many people there are only 2 more pay days between now and the holiday - buying a little each week may help those on a tight budget.  Some firms will pay people their January wages before Christmas - just think what that does to new year and January? Not everyone can afford time or money to wait till December.   Yes, there are times it drives some people mad, but for some the possibility of getting things sent at all is the difference between being able to send to say Australia by surface mail, and not being able to afford air mail - maybe think a little before sounding off?


I care no more about Christmas than I do about Yom Kippur or Ramadan, or Passover.


if customers didn't buy it in October, the retailers wouldn't have it on the shelves.


What Bookertoo is saying is that some people need it on th shelves that early.

Those who don't like it have only to walk past the display to what they do want - just as I walk past all the crisps and cola sand other junk food in a supermarket every single week of the year without begrudging them shelf space.



I enjoy celebrating at Christmas and New Year with my family and friends.   I understand the way that Christians have adopted the old midwinter festival, but for me the deep-seated need is to celebrate Midwinter - possibly having had my first baby at the Midwinter Solstice may be something to do with it   As someone who loves Nature, 'decking the halls with boughs of holly' etc has always had significance for me, and as someone who enjoys cooking, I look forward to the preparation of the 'feast' and make puddings and pies (and countless lists) well beforehand.

But as for the C*mas Shopping!    I start that when I'm ready .... and not before!


I'm one of those who has to get organised early.  Presents have to be bought and wrapped as there are people in Newcastle and Cheshire who we won't see after mid-November.  

One annoyance is the lack of choice of birthday cards for anyone who has a birthday from October onwards as all the space is taken up with Christmas cards.  Maybe I should get organised with that early too


I agree Lesley - both my son and my OH have birthdays in the week before Christmas!  Birthday cards are on my shopping list NOW!

And as for those of us who have birthdays in January - unless people have planned ahead all we get is what is left in the New Year Sales


Thanks for the reminder about C....... I need some new tree lights and left it until December last year and couldn't find any I liked. So a trip to GC is on the cards  just for lights honestly.


My daughter is a January baby and does very well out of the January sales now that her main desire for presents is clothes, boots etc.   Even managed a few good deals the years it was PC and other technology.

OH and I are early December and late November babies so I always refused to get Xmassy till after his but in Belgium we also have St Nicholas to contend with on the 6th.  Possum still expects prezzies then and when she was little OH used it as an excuse to have the house decorated for his birthday on the 7th.  I resist as long as possible and they all come down on 12th night.

Definitely a winter solstice fest here.