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Can any of you wise souls out there help me?

I have a lovely blue blousey double clematis that has flowered great this year. Now when I look at it it has gone black/very dark purple. The new growth at the top is still a fresh green. Have I got the dreaded wilt?I understand that if it is I have to cut it right down and cross fingers and toes that it grows back good.




Whenever i have had wilt it affects the tips first, so you might be ok.  Might just be the older leaves getting a bit tired

Maybe I'll be lucky, then. I have fed it with tomato feed. Would that be right?


I think it's just the older leaves looking a bit 'older'.  It happens to all of us 

The bottom leaves of my Daniel Deronda are looking sort of blackish purple, but the new growth is fresh and green.  I'm feeding mine with Clematis food.   I think tomato food would be fine while the clematis is growing buds preparing to flower, but now it needs a more balanced fertiliser to feed the whole plant.

OK, Dovefrom above. Thanks for that. I'll get the right food.

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