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I am going to make a " cold frame " on my. Allotment 

I have made the frame  but not the top and wondered what people would recommend I thought about polycarbonate ? Any ideas or suggestion 

Also inside the frame I was going to put a membrane down and cover with gravel but wondered what people thought ?



I went on the 'free ads' recently and managed to buy two small wooden framed windows. When I got them home they fitted my new home built cold-frame perfectly!! LOL

Find your local 'Freecycle' group and see what's going as people give stuff away for free so it doesn't go in landfill and I've often seen old doors and window frames etc on mine so well worth a look and it will be free!!




We used polycarbonate for coldframe lids - still going strong a decade later.  You can get edging strips which finish it off nicely too


My OH is about (I hope) to replace my coldframe lids. He'll be using polycarbonate. Lighter and more insulating than glass.

I used a membrane covered with sand - it was what I had.


Polycarb here too - mine is at least 20 years old.  Much of the wooden frame has been replaced over the years but the top will be good for many more yet.  Sharp sand over membrane inside - for the same reasons as BL!



My cold frame is a light timber frame with twin walled, quite thin polycarbonate. It is light enough to move around and store behind the studio for the summer. At the moment it is protecting Autumn planted peas which are doing nicely. In a few weeks, I shall move it to another area of the veg bed to protect something else; I suppose that I am using it as more of a cloche than a cold frame.

Hello GWRS do you have a pic

I am trying to make a cold frame do you have to measure the top plastic to know how big the size width/length the cold frame wood base will be?   

Hello I will take a picture next time I am up the allotment 

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