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Can I take this opportunity to recommend the following website for the weather conscious gardeners out there.

It is the best I have come across although if anyone has better I would gladly look at it.

It does help me to prepare, and I would rather be safe than sorry.

It has predicted the last wet period, and last years hot spell and cold spring.

Just see if you find it useful

Good luck to all

Forgot the link !

Secret Squirrel

thanks Dave, I have had a quick look and saved it to my favorites


Made it clickable for you Dave:

I like the zoom-able rain radar - very useful to see what's on the way!  Being an amateur astronomer as well as gardener I use a lot of weather sites and this looks like a good addition.


Thanks Bob - book marked.


Orchid Lady
Great website, have bookmarked it. Thanks.

I use weather bug found it quite good but always looking for better. I shall have a look thank you Dave

star gaze lily

Just looked again today, noticed you can log in your email and they also have a forum. Haven't done either yet. Think i'll just pop in and out at the mo.


Lily don't you be putting cossie pics on a weather forum lol.

Thanks Bob, think I'll start and have a look at it.

got that one onmifavs

Thanks Dave .  Do you think it would be ok to sow my Yellow Rattle seeds now with a cold snap expected?


 Sow the Yellow Rattle lisa. It sows itself naturally about august and sits over winter to germinate in spring .  


Thank you both I've had the seeds in the fridge anyway because I read they need a cold period to germinate so maybe some good can come out of this horrible frost.

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