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Peat B

Just wondering.......... like the old saw about a swan being able to break a persons a persons arm.............. these competions......... does anybody, know anybody, who has actually WON a competition ? or is there some gnome somewhere, with a pile of prizes that are up for sale on ebay ?

Peat B

Clicked on to 'win', and came up with more competitions !    Lost AGAIN !

In the words of WC Fields, Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser !


I've not won anything on this site, but I did win a squirrel beater bird food feeder off the bird food people site, and a diving holiday on the Great Barrier reef (without flights)a few years back. The greenfinches are fighting over sunflower seeds on the feeder, and warm clear water diving is fading into memory.-- but I still have the DVD's.


Yes me! I won two tickets to BBC Gardeners World Live .  Enter competitions all the time never win so was so supprised.  Had a lovely day.  Also a dozen foxgloves arrived, never ordered them so assume I entered a comp. that I had forgotten about!

Our household has been lucky over the years - two holidays to France, two hi-fi's, full set of ski gear. I dream about diving on the GBR though!



Yes, I won a book on the GW Advent Calendar Quiz last year.

Peat B


I have been entering all the competitions for over two years I must admit the prizes are great I only wish I could be one of the winners it would fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on Gardeners World give me a break!!!!!!!!

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