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Take a while for those thorns to rot down to "benign" clueless.   Tried to shred then compost berberis prunings. Not a pleasant compost.  Best burnt I think  


I will just compost the flower heads then and burn the woody prunings

happy new year Verdun and thank you


Woodgreen wonderboy

I cut my prunings into small pieces as I prune and put the on my heap. Leaving them long would cause problems when you come to use the rotted down part. Do you have a shredder? Might be worth the investment as you have become a fervent fan.


I shred rose and bramble. It rots down quickly when chopped up fine and mixed with grass cuttings. Burn anything diseased with blackspot.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Is bramble capable of sprouting from a small piece? I ask because it roots readily where it touches ground.



wgw I have a shredder so I shall be shredding them

FG thanks I like burn I'm a fire starter wife came home the other week and I have a bonfire going (I got told off for it by OH) lol



When l empty my compost bin(plastic type) l dig it out from the bottom and store in heavy duty bags until needed which seems to work quite well. Don't think l could lift it up to empty.

This year we moved our 3 compost bins from a cool, shady site to one where the sun shines on them and the difference in the rate of decomposition is amazing. We never turn our compost but the worms come up from the soil and do a great job. Also as someone already mentioned - human 'wee' really helps. 

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