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I've seen discussions that say it is best to put compost bins on soil but mine is all disappearing into the soil, I never get anything from the bin as it rots down so quickly. Would it be best to put on a base?


What kind of bin have you got? What are you putting in your bin?


I prefer bins on soil, that way the worms can get in.

Hostafan1 wrote (see)

I prefer bins on soil, that way the worms can get in.

Me too, mine doesnt dissappear!

Abi3 Leave it on the soil and put a layer of fine sticks and straw, Paper, Cardboard down first and slightly damp it.

Now fill with garden and kitchen waste, (NOT cooked food or meats) add plenty of waste paper lawn mowing's thinly or some twiggy stuff chopped up, My bins stand on soil and I lose nothing, the worms can still get in.

Hope this helps.




I'd say it's ok to use cooked veg, ( but why wouldn't you eat it? ) but I'd agree not to use anything meaty as it can attract vermin.

Tricia Bretagne

We have a large compost heap at the bottom of the garden but I never throw my veg peels on there because I don't want to encourage the rabbits even more. They have chewed my evergreen honeysuckle right down to the ground and all the leaves are now dying off !

It does however seem such a shame for the veg peelings to go to waste so I was wondering if perhaps I should keep them in a closed bin first and once not appealing anymore then add them to the heap.

Could this work ?




I have a compost bin bucket with a lid that sits outside my back door and I take it to the compost bin at the bottom of the garden whenever it is full - banana peel, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, veg peel, egg boxes...quite a concoction I don't think any rabbit would find it attractive!

Hi Tricia - I don't think it matters ref attracting rabbits.  They'd far prefer to have something that's still growing!  I've never seen rabbits on the compost heap I have in the corner of the field - and there are rabbits galore everywhere else in my garden............ If you're still worried about it, why not simply cover up the vegetable peelings with something already on your heap.  They don't tend to dig for food  -  they just dig to make latrines on my lawn and burrows & bolt-holes in the shrubberies.

Uncooked veg will still have all the nutrients where as cooked veg will be lacking, I steam all veg yet never put it on the compost just a fry up on Monday, the big compost heap behind my shirt front.

Rabbits like their food growing and full of sap, on the farm they knew a shot gun when they saw one, all you saw was white tails disappearing, the unlucky ones made delicious pies.



I put plastic sheeting to stop the weeds growing through and then wire on top to stop the rats getting in

Thanks for those suggestions, its mostly kitchen scraps and also some shredded paper occasionally and its a darlek bin.

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