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Hi can anyone help me choose a new comost bin, as one of mine needs replacing. I have 1 standard bin, 1 tumbler(which I think I overfill so is difficult to turn). I also have 2 plastic dustbins, which I have  turned upside down, cut the bottoms out, the lid sits over the cut out. I have been wondering about the hotbins, does anyone have one ?  Also there is one by "environs" I believe, which is a tumbler that rotates on its base. Any tips or reccomentations please ???. 


hollie hock

Hello, I only have a darlek type one, which is ok, but it is difficult to turn.........I do get compost out of it though.  If I had the space I would have a home made one made out of pallets which you get in there and turn regularly.

I've seen the ones that rotate on the base but I've not tried them and not convinced that they would work

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