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Is it OK to put leaves collected in my leaf machine and "minced" into my compost box?


They will break down more easily if they are 'minced' as you say, so yes.

If you can mix them with green material - grass clippings etc - they will break down more quickly

gardenning granny

Of course they will be fine in the compost heap but why not consider popping them into plastic sacks (I use the old multi-purpose compost bags) and turning into leaf mould - I fill a bag, then tamp it down after a few days and add some more.  I keep them behind the greenhouse and after a year they are full of wonderrful smelling leaf compost and worms - great for the border.


I do the same as gardening granny.


This time last year Monty was saying to put them in a plastic bag, add a small amount of water, pierce some holes in the bag and fold the top over loosely.  Certainly worked for me!  Tonight on GW he said put them in an open chicken wire container. so I guess there's more than one way to skin a cat (or make leaf mould)    What do other people do?

No expert

I collect leaves with the mower and bag them. Last years bags were emptied into a bin made of pallets.Theis years bags are on top of this. Not sure if it will work but hope to add this to the compost bins eventually.

Highland Jeannie

I tried the black sack method last year; had a peep a few weeks ago - top half were dry & crispy, bottom half were sodden, so gave them a shake. Had lots of holes in the bag too.

This year I have an old plastic baker's crate, so it's open like a mesh cage would be. I'll see how that works. 

HJ, have you added to the bag during the year?  That would make the top ones still crispy.

I had leaves in black bags and old recycle bins this year and kept checking the recycle bins, as the level lowered I topped them up with leaves from the black bags. Each time the recylce bins were checked I gave the leaves a good scrunching and shake to break up the leaves and distribute the moisture, the top layer was often dry, bottom layer wet. 

I spread the mould on a veg bed a few weeks ago, it hadn't completely broken down but open to the elements it has now. I've done the same for a couple of years now with no problems.

I found, each time the bins were checked, tree seeds had germinated and picked out what could be seen.

Thanks everyone!


i use the bin bag way . eight bags waiting to go on the beds now.  geting lots more  this year . from  the local paths

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