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Love it Edd!
This forum would be poorer wothout you Mike best wishes x
I hope you do return to the forum. I have learnt a lot from your posts. I think of you as the father I lost back in 1976 when I was sweet 16. He was a very keen gardener, keeping the garden as a place suitable for us ( 4 children and a dog ) to play, and growing all our veg on the allotment.
I remember spending many happy hours there with him, until his health deteriorated to the point where he couldn't keep up with the hard work it involved. I was only 11 then and being at school couldn't spare enough time to keep it going.
We bought him a greenhouse then and he used to potter in there sitting on a chair.
If you decide not to return I will miss you and your wealth of knowledge, but the decision must be yours.
Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
Come on Mike. You won't leave us now. If you do it will be because you choose to. Don't always agree with you.......I'm argumentative with anyone and anything....but always read your posts.
The computer? Wouldn't.....couldn't without it. So useful, so convenient and such a fantastic communication tool. I can't spend hours on it ....I would be bored....but, esp with the iPad, has replaced reading the newspaper at brekkie for example.
Sorting out business stuff can be done in minutes on the computer. Arranging meetings, deliveries, purchases, emails, photos, etc etc
I would certainly miss not having my computer
Mike, get yours fixed pronto.
Mike, i only have my phone now for the internet, but i wouldnt be without it, at the moment im lying on the sofa, trying to summon the energy to cook breakfast, but can talk to you guys at the same time
Bekkie, enjoy your brekkie ......


Mike,I won't beg you not to leave as its undignified. However I will ask you not have a vast library of knowledge stored in that head of yours and this forum simply wouldn't be the same without you in it.

As Verdun says,get your operating system transferred over to your new comp or get an OS upgrade if you can afford it. Once you've done that,come right back here and continue posting. oo er that sounded a bit bossy :-P
Orchid Lady
Mike???? NO! Really??? You could manage without any more virtual hugs?? That's all I'm saying on the matter ((hugs)) xx
Busy Bee2
Mike, you must come back when you get your new computer sorted out - what would we do without you? are an adult and therefore able to make a reasoned decision.
I don't think it is really up to other forum members to persuade you one way or another.
If your decision is based partly on your recent medical problems, then perhaps you should wait until you are back on an even keel and then decide?
If based on some recent posts, I would suggest that we all get "knockbacks" from time to time......whether we feel they are deserved or not.
The internet has opened up a lot to us but also in some instances has given us the false impression that "cyber" friends are the same as personal friends.
You are quite right in thinking that you have made a lot of friends on this forum but it isn't always quite the same thing.
Of course, some members are able to meet up and get to know each other face to face but the rest of us can only "know" each other through our postings.....we can be serious, funny, argumentative, chatty, in a bad mood, tired, etc. etc. All of these moods can be detected fairly easily between friends or even acquaintances but in cyber space you only have the actual text......even the use of emoticons can not always convey the context of a post.
You obviously belong to other forums so forgive me if I sound as if I am preaching or trying to teach my grandmother (wrong sex and not old enough I realise but you get my drift ).
It would be a pity to stop using the forum whilst you enjoy it but the decision must be yours and not coloured by other's wishes. Whatever you decide , I certainly don't think you should lose any sleep over it.
PS....I would have used emoticons within this message but they've gone missing ...however, I'm sure you will be able to stick the appropriate ones in the appropriate places...........smiley !
ED........enjoyed your take on Life Before Computers.......not sure about the floppy disc tho.........LOL
You said that when you had trouble on the other forum you frequent but you are still posting.
I dont like goodbye blogs unless you are really going, and then it is more dignified just to go, not do the sympathy bit. So will you go? Probably not.
Not necessary

Mike - hope you stay, but as Philippa says, respect your decision.
Remember a girlfriend once.....always saying goodbye, again and again and again. She would phone ro say goodbye, write to say goodbye and drop in to say goodbye. Always felt like singing Pete and Dud's goodbye song

Mike knows we like him here but he also knows he will stay. We all respect his difficulties at the moment and have empathy for him but nobody will beg anyone to stay.

Why the drama Mike? Why would you consider leaving the forum because your computer is down? I had everything transferred to a new computer and it took the guy 30 minutes.


Think Mike's world has been rocked to its foundations and he feels uncertain about lots of things at the moment - hopefully he'll be feeling much more like himself very soon 


David, With everything Mike has been through in the last few months he probably thinks that his computer throwing a wobbly is the last straw. I know I can feel like that sometimes and I haven't had any where near the problems he has had. 

I hope he gets through them.

I hope he doesn't leave the site as I will miss him and his posts, ( see my earlier post. ) but if he does I wish him well.

That's all any of us can do. 

Verdun..........the "too constant" I know why your plants always grow so well..........come on..........admit eventually had to bury her in your garden didn't you?