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Stacey........I am.   

Was in a shop the other day and a Toblerone bar there was about £50 I think.  How could you break off a piece off that?  I'm not weak but even I would have to use a pair of pliers.  

Lily, yes caramac was satisfactorily consumed last week ...but I dont really like chocolate

star gaze lily

No nether do I, unless its a whisper or flake or maltesers or twix or ------oh, no not a lover of chocolate Verdun


I confess to not liking chocolate much like Verdun,in addition to what is listed I don,t like much............Crunchie,mars bars,chocolate brazils,aero,big bars of cadburys cocolate and galaxy,bounty,snickers,those red lindt chocolates,chocolate coated honeycombe,twirl bars,double deckers,milky way,chocolate coated fudge bars,truffles, where did I hide the Christmas Celebrations,surely no-one would notice one or two missing,especially if I resealed the lid.......


not much of a choca hollic, but must confess to munching my way through 2 bags of Haribo jelly bears....yum yum



I have only one weakness (everything LOL) no I can do without chocolate but pork pie’s now that’s different matter esp Walkers but very hard to get hold of.

Walker Pork Pie can be bought all the way down it Cornwall but not 20 miles away from where it’s made, Scot’s pie the one with the hole in middle and a high crust also Haggiest 


I ate one of the kids' selection boxes (that was hidden in the shed) on Saturday night.  In my defence Stacey made me do it...


lol Gilly - some nice fresh tape around the lid and the tin easily fools.  Not that I've ever done that sort of thing 

Woodgreen wonderboy

A large lunch, and all my good intentions to pot up some bulbs and cyclamen went out of the window when I had a long nap. Manana, manana......

The potty gardener

Whilst shopping last week I suggested to son thet we bought a couple of those big tubs of chocs for Christmas.They were only £5 each- son said no way would they make it to the start of December let alone Christmas .Think he knows me too well.

Once I started to eat a tub of honeycombe icecream- before I knew it the whole lot was gone.I had to sneak out to buy a replacement.I think I then ate most of that as well.


Tape at the ready Farmergeddun...........just in case

Clueless Gardener.Walkers pork pies are sold in Morrisons

Pottie Pam

I daren't buy those tubs of sweets yet either. But really it's not our fault. We are not greedy or weak willed as, according to last week's paper, they have discovered it's a mental disorder if we can't resist chocolates or biscuits. So we can't help it.

They didn't mention cake


We had guests a couple of weeks ago who gave me a box of Belgian chocolates with 3 layers. I ate them all in 2 days! Anyway chocolate contains an anti-depressant


I don,t want to be depressed,so for the sake of my health and wellbeing,I suppose I must eat more of it..................purely medicinal you understand.

star gaze lily

I've just got home and had a cuppa and ---- a piece of cake  it will be tea time soon 



I buy stuff, chocs and especially any sort of salted nuts, they have to stay at Mum's and she won't give them back before Christmas even if I beg.

Highland Jeannie

H & I have just finished eating our Easter eggs (had 1 each).

We (sometimes) have just a little bit each evening. It's hard to be good!!


That is amazing Jeannie were they giant eggs ?


Jeannie did you leave them with my mother in Yorkshire?


I would like to award Jeannie and her husband a gold award for outstanding self control in the face of temptation by chocolate.................