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Similar confession here too - although less athletic and more self inflicted

I used a nice new pen to write the labels for my seven seed trays a few weeks ago.  However it was not permanent and all the writing turned into watery blobs that then ran to the bottom of each label in a puddle.  So I am now playing guess the seedling  Biggest problem will be two different sorts of rudbeckia - no hope of working out which is which til late July ......there goes my colour co-ordination for this year

 The Gardeners Boy

I use a dymo labeller has two advantages. One everyone can read it as I have doctors writing. Two its easy just to peel the label off at the end and reuse and not have to struggle to remove so called permanent ink.

But must admit I did sow a lot of seed trays once but then forgot what was in each so lesson learnt there label as you go

Aww Chicky, I'm not alone! Good suggestion GB.  Might try that one.


I've got a collection of permanent markers - black for labels and white for pots and seed trays - however someone keeps 'borrowing' them   at least I know where to find them - in the studio


I use 2B pencils to write on white labels, the pencil never comes off, but sometimes I forget to label everything.


am trying to set a good example to my littlies,we go along to church most sundays,( the biggest one's name is down to go to catholic school so i really have to behave!!)i have given up for lent starbucks and takeout treats as i couldn't stick to giving up wine, coffee or chocolate!! at least i'm managing , although a very kingd friend has twice tried to bring me a coffee ( while we wait at ballet class) and twice she's spilled it in her car before it's got to me!! help from above?!! i never went to confession as i had a veeerry long gap of not attending church, my grandparents took me as my parents didn't go, and until last year i hadn't been since the 1980's! that's my confession!

Bubba Ray

When I propergate things and have got some left over I take them into work and sell them to colleagues instead of giving them away.

I like your style Bubba Ray 


I keep my permanent marker hidden in the potting shed.  I'm too cheap to buy labels, I cut up ice cream tub lids and use those instead. 

Bubba Ray

It's only because they earn more money than me! 


The problem with buying more pots Dove is yours seem to come with something already in them.

Nice hosta Dove. . You must have quite a few now! 


I can still count them on my fingers Verdun - I've a long way to go before I have as many as you or Hostafan

I prob have a dozen different varieties Dove but have divided many of them so quite a few clumps  I suppose. A far cry from Hostafan's. 


 God has spoken to my Grandchildren  (they tell me )......". they are allowed to be naughty because  otherwise there is nothing to go to  .......... consessions for  and God would not like it " I think they mean confessions.

But I did agrees with them,......... "it's boring being good" 


Their mummy says I'm a bad influance. I don't know what she means. BUT  if I was Catholic there would be no time for anyone else at confessions - 


Hopefully you're not tempted by cruising ont he Norfolk Broads


I gave four away to the MP who called at the door today.


Bribing a politician to go away???

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