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SInce this thread is just between me and the bedpost and confession is good for the soul, late last night I pinched a chocolate liqueur.  Then another, then......well, I got distracted and before I realised it most of them had disappeared.   No choice then, I had to discard the evidence so all gone now 

I now have to replace the chocs.  

Of course, this is a secret thread.  Anything you confess to will be used as, I mean treated in total confidence. Trust me, I'm Cornish 


Think you should confess to getting overenthusiastic and pressing Submit more than once Verdun 



I can not think of anything to fess up to. I'm a good boy me.  

I ate most of the sweets I had left over from Trick or Treat and now I have to

go on a diet!


I put the washing on the line a few times in the summer to make it rain so I'd not have to water the garden.


I snuck a Magnum last night after OH fell asleep on the sofa!


Confession - sometimes try to read without spectacles - thought you said you stuck a Magnum onto OH last night 


Snuck = past tense of sneak = Kiwi slang!


Purely my vanity Sue, leaving my specs off 

Brought up as a Catholic, and when I was a youngster I got dragged off to Confession most weeks -only problem was , I made up most of my 'sins' - but my last confession was always - " I tell fibs"!


I've been topping up my reserved for special occasions  of Lindt chocolates for two months now. I'm not sure my partner has noticed.


Hmmmmmmmm.  Lindt  chocolates .    Not a chocolate person really......  But lindt, Toblerone, thorntons, cadburys fudge, caramac, choc eclairs, walnut whips................

Stacey Docherty

Well you said the T word.... I have a large bar of TOBLERONE hidden under my bed that no one in this house knows about...... 


But you've told Verdun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He has ways and means - he's a Cornishman