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well it has been known

Photodermatitis caused by something like euphorbia and sun give  discrete blisters. Rubbing against a plant  that causes inflammation would usually  give a more diffuse pattern.

 I get bruised easily, and a pattern like that would have me wondering what I had banged into. When I am diving, the weight belt blocks usually give me bruises on the hips and legs, so that after two weeks I look like I've been beaten up.


Seems 'contact' dermatitis would appear on the skin surface, as Nut says, this looks like it's just under the skin.


Bouleversee, this might seem an odd question but does your grand daughter take fish oil supplements?

I think they had been playing netball but they do that all the time with no such effects and remember it took 2 days for the marks to appear on g.d's second arm, during which she had been hanging round hospital not outside at all.

Well, the second dr. in the children's ward disagreed with the dermatologist (who had said horsefly or hornet bite) , didn't she?  I'm keeping an open mind but I agree that it looks like  bruising rather than inflammation.  Alarmingly, there was an article in Sun. Times y'day saying that diagnosis is very poor and quite a few kids die as a result of failure to diagnose e.g. meningitis, asthma etc.  Having diagnosed my husband's sacral cancer after being told all he had was coccydinia and having insisted on a 2nd opinion when he was told by GP he didn't have Parkinson's, which he does, I never take anything as gospel and like to do my own checking. 





It's not an odd question.  I have also read about fish oil causing similar and asked her Ma but she says not.  I think we're all agreed that it doesn't look like contact derm.despite what the doctors say; I've looked at lots of pictures myself.  We could all be wrong, however!


Just out of interest, Did they give her a cream or anything? if so, what? and did it have any effect.?

Actually, I should have thought ITP (idiopathic thrombocyopenia purpura) was more likely but she had blood tests and platelets were apparently normal.

No, they didn't prescribe anything.


ITP is extremely rare and I wouldn't expect to see it in two children together.

 Has it faded like a normal bruise i.e. gone from red to yellow to fade? or did it just go?

I agree, except it says that it can follow a viral infection, which they could both have had.  I gather this can cause a lowering of the platelet count but as I said hers were said to be normal so presumably not that.

Bruises are starting to fade in the usual way, starting with the areas which appeared first.

What intrigues me is that the drs. don't appear to have seen anything quite like it before so presumably quite rare.



Well, I agree with Nutcutlet, in that it looks like bruising from something. I've seen lots of bites this summer, they look nothing like that. Generally an allergic dermatitis will respond to hydrocortisone cream plus an antihistamine, often in the space of a few hours.



The chances of 2 friends developing the same rare condition at the same time are very small. With the similarity of the lesions on just one part of the body the chances are even smaller. With the normal blood count the chances are nil. 

I still think this is some sort of physical damage. 

Nine years old is quite a mischievous age. Do you think they might have been giving themselves or each other "love bites" and maybe they didn't anticipate their game getting taken so seriously and can't now fess up?


Or that thing we used to do where you twist the skin round? Chinese burns was it?



I was thinking something like a ruler or wii controller being repeatedly tapped against an arm.

Come on!  They don't look like love bites ( they are diagonal lines) and I don't think the 2 of them had been in close contact before the marks were noticed. 

I'd thought of Chinese burns but you'd have a job doing that at the top of the upper arm.


Is the girl in the striped top right handed, and the girl in the pink top left handed?


Striped top right handed.  Dunno about the other.  Will find out.  Why?