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If you hold something like a ruler or tv controller in your hand, and tap it on the opposite arm, you would get that sort of pattern.

Hi all!  New here so hope you don't mind my butting in.  I don't know what your child has but I know it's not contact dermatitis.  Contact dermatitis is on top in the skin and it looks and feels very rough and itchy.  It may even blister up in some cases depending on how bad it is.

She has it on both arms, however.


But much more on one than the other.  It may not be that, but I still think its caused by some form of contact pressure.   It will probably go within the week and it will never reoccur, and be a mystery.

You could well be right.  I've asked her Ma to quiz her again about any physical activities such as you mention.  I would expect the hospital to have gone all through that, however. 


I still think that they did something as a joke and found themselves getting whisked off to see doctors and didn't know how to stop the charade without incurring wrath. I only meant a love bite in the sense of the skin being put under some sort of stress which induced a haematoma.

Have just had another chat with my daughter who said that the other Mum got around to consulting her GP (not the same one as my daughter's) and told him the story.  He said she shd. go to the hospital (same one) for blood tests (as had my daughter's GP where she started off).  Saw the same dr. at the hosp. who our lot had seen who this time jumped to the same conclusion as waterbutts and told the child to fess up, with no joy, and refused to do blood tests.  My daughter says GD doesn't have a close relationship with the other girl and is pretty sure they haven't been up to anything or harming themselves.  The tree they sat under between games at the netball match, supervised by a teacher, was an oak tree and there were a lot of spiders on the ground.  Maybe they were both bitten by some new species (didn't I read that there was some new infestation of oak trees  from something insect or other which cd. harm humans ?  Can't remember the details but I th)ink tat was in Berks. whereas these 2 live in Surrey.  My daughter is going to speak to the school which hosted the netball match.. 

Interesting, however, that this dr. should be sure it's contact dermatitis one day and self or mutually inflicted harm the next.  I don't think we have the answer yet.

Maybe you are thinking of the latest news about the False Widow spider. But that is quite a large beastie - males 15 mms and females 35 mms. And the bite is painful.

I would have thought that bites would have been immediately felt and the donor(s) seen. Also more likely to have been on the legs or parts nearer the ground.

Other children sitting nearby and round about not affected in any way or able to help with suggestions as to what happened?

I think the doctor's reaction was par for the course. They aren't taught how to say that they haven't a clue.

Ah yes. Another introduction to our beleaguered shores.

I live in a part of the country where you can't put a foot down without standing on an ash sapling. We have traditionally hoicked them up by the bucketload every summer. Yet some fool thought it a good idea to import ash saplings from a part of the world that was infected with ash dieback. We now face the very real prospect of seeing every second tree in the area drop dead within the next decade or so.

We are, as my old granny used to say, so sharp we can cut ourselves.


I've never seen bites that produce bruising in oblong blocks.

Nor have I but there are a lot of things I haven't seen and my knowledge of bloodvessels is limited.  However, I think it is far more likely that some bacterium has travelled down the latter than that the kids have beaten themselves up in some way and I can't think what way.  GD loves school btw and certainly wouldn't want to miss it  I would accept that it might be due to some activity that both had been involved in  (though can't think what) except that GD was certainly not involved in any activity (other than hanging around hospital)  in the day  between the lesions appearing on the first and second arms.   .

I sent the photo to the dr. who writes on medical issues at The Times (they invite questions) and he thought it might possibly be contact dermatitis which I still don't buy.  Haven't told him latest development.  Still a mystery. 


Good point, Sara.  Will ask about that.


I'm sure it's something like that. Don't think of it along the'self abuse' line. Physical injury, maybe sustained pressure on the skin whilst doing something or other. Caused minor bleeding from small blood vessels under the skin.



The marks are on the insides of their arms, however, but I agree that they do look like pressure marks. I've just had a look at the bark of our oak tree and it does have sharp edges.  I wonder if they hugged the tree and then other kids piled on top of them.  Will ask daughter to make more enquiries.  Beginning to feel like Miss Marples.

No tree hugging or anything out of the ordinary, apparently.  Bruises almost faded now.  Looks like will remain a mystery - sorry to disappoint you all.  Will come back if any further developments.

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