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I would like to grow vegetables in containers on the patio.  Will they need protecting as the weather becomes colder?  Which vegetables are best to grow in containers and will any be ready for Christmas?


Its a bit too late for container veg this year.You may get a crop of salad leaves depending on the weather.

Best for containers(depending on the size of the containers) are french beans,carrots,salad leaves,potatoes,,I have grown beetrrot,salad onions and tumbling tomatoes.None of these are overwinter crops.


Hello endevor, I grow french beans, lettuce, annual herbs, rubarb, leaf crops and courgettes in containers. Some are pots that have bulbs in winter. The only crop I am able to grow thru' winter is perpetual spinach and had a good crop even in this cold Spring.

Thank you for your advice and help.  I'll definitely get some salad leaves and herbs started and be more organised in the Spring. 

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