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My contorted willow is taking over the space allotted to it, I never thought it would grow and spread so much, I have just given it a short back and sides so hopefully it will continue to grow.

Literally OMG nope not got enough room, it was in a pot for 6 years and looked pathetic and when I moved in with my partner I revamped and had removed various conifers, there was a decent gap to I thought hey ho I will plonk that CW in there and see what it does. Ah well I will just have to keep it well pruned.


Oh heck that one's a monster - sorry as Dove says it will grow and grow.  Its not easy to use for basket work.  Can you coppice it and then use the well dried sticks the next year for attractive rustic supports.  If you use then when they're still green they will root away happily and spread your problem

definitely oh heck. Thank goodness I have caught it nice and early, in the last year I bet it has spread outwards all round by two foot and vertically by the same, never mind it is now back to a reasonable 3 spread and height and that's how its going to stay.  Thanks for the great responses and info. I think a trip to the skips will be on the cards this weekend. I have just spent a very happy 5 hours pruning, trimming and removing overgrowths of everything.  Things have just gone berserk in the gardens this year. I had a little reduced £1 mini rose from M'sons plonked it in the front garden and now it is probably about 2 foot in height and absolutely gorgeous red flowers. Well pleased.

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