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can i grow dog wood in a pot

Well, how big is the pot?

Yes, for sure you can.  But I would use a John innes compost with a handful or two of dried manure mixed in....needs plenty of moisture


not sure yet i need advice on that i just love dogwood and havent got space in my boarders

They are big, gutsy plants and will rockabout in a wind. You would need to ensure that they are in a spot that doesn't get hit by gusts of wind. They also spread and will need space to do this.


Prune hard back every year in late spring...go for aurea or elegantissima.   you get those red stems and either yellow leaves r green n white leaves in the growing season.  I have grown them in pots very effectively


Hmmm, I might have a spot for that, will it grow tall? Without much light?

They can grow quite tall depending on how often you cut them back. But most need sun to get the best colour on their stems, I think there are some which don't mind dappled shade but you are bast doing some research first As other than their stems most are not very exciting for most of the year.

Mrs garden, I did consider suggesting a dogwood for your corner spot.  It's the moisture long as it doesn't dry out too much. 

Cnrissie, Chrissie, chrissie......."not exciting for most of the year"?  Cornus aurea is a wonderful yellow mound now in my garden....can see it here as I sit in my kitchen typing this....and next to a brown leaved actea brunette it looks superb.  And those red stems from October to spring?   Fantastic value. Cornus Elegantissima is growing behind berberis atropurpurea nana elsewhere......Green and white attractive leaves behind purple ?   These are both great shrubs to grow.


MrsG. Yes, they do grow tall! Cut mine down to fence height, 4ft, every year and it is double that now.  I like it for the screening it gives. Lovely in the winter too.

I have contributed to a gardening question!! Please mark on calendar.


Noted Tina


mid winter fire is a good one


Little-ann.  Don't confuse me. It's as much as I can digest that it's Dogwood. Why are there so many varities of eveything?

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