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Hello all, I have just received my March copy of Gardeners' World in the post, as I am a subscriber and find that I have no "free" Cosmos seeds. Has anyone else had this problem?  I have sent an e-mail to them but am not too optimistic that any will be forth coming!

chilli lover

I got mine daydaisy - hopefully just a packing error with yours. I'm sure your email will do the tick.


I got mine too - but they were mixed up with all the other advertising material that comes with it and I nearly missed them.

If you can't find them you are welcome to mine, I have lots. Last year I took montys advise and set the seeds at the beginning of June, they were up in no time and bloomed from august to November, they may have gone on longer but the wind took them.



Thank you for your replies. My other half has just offered to root through our recycling bin just in case I missed them in all the bumph!

Kathy 2

Mine were also in the bumph - almost missed them.


Mine were mixed up in the bumph, I nearly threw them out until they fell out onto the floor.

The Manic Slughunter

ah I nearly threw mine away too, they were tucked inside all the leaflets stuck in an envelope:/ I bought some last week too

hollie hock

Like you I didn't think I had mine but they were in amongst the junk

John mcleod
I have sown cosmos seeds already...have I started too early??
hollie hock

I don't think so John, I've done the same, my seedlings are out in the cold frames. Some of them have already been pricked out into individual pots to grow on.

John mcleod
I current ku have mine on a windowsill but I take it that once they are pricked out and grown a bit more i could put them in my plastic grow house
hollie hock

I started mine like you in my kitchen windowsill, I then moved them outside into my coldframes which are a sturdier version of your plastic grow house, just to harden them off a bit. I then pricked them out into individual pots and these are still outside. I grew the purity type last year and they turned out to be great plants, would have  been even better if we had some sun last year.

My seeds in the junk mail too ,they get mixed up in the junk - I think they should stick them to the front of the mag like they do if you don't subscribe to the mag.

hope you find your seeds daydaisy

It would be good if they offer lots of free seeds


I got two packets - must have got yours!
I nearly put mine in recycling as well. Just pure chance I went through it and found them by accident as there wasn't even anything on the front cover of the magazine. Unless it was only an offer for subscribers?
I buy my magazine over the counter so I haven't had that problem. Wasn't going to sew any yet but seeing as some of you guys have sewn your cosmos seeds think I may have a go. Must admit I do like the colour they picked for free seeds. I think just white would be quite nice. I am thinking of growing these for a nursing home garden I look after. I think cosmos are quite beautiful. Anyway daydaisy I hope you get your seeds soon.
hollie hock

I grew them last year Flower bird and they really did grow into big plants.....about 5ft. Just a shame that the Summer was so poor as they would have done even better, as soon as they got into their own Autumn arrived. I will stake mine this year as some of them got battered by all that rain and wind

gardenning granny

They lopk really great if you plant them in big drifts and go on for ages.

and they don't need staking or any attention at all once they are planted out.