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Cost of the hobby of gardening per year?.

Does everybody on this Forum keep count of how much they spend per year?

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A few of my gardening friends were discussing cost of keeping allotments.How prices had risen in the last 10years.Mind Boggling.But still worth it!!!


How much do your friends pay Brian?

Forester2.Over the past 10 years my allotment cost plus seeds plus compost not including my labour I give that for the pleasure of doing it.The cost has risen 60percent.Thats not bovine excretment.


My allotment costs me £12.00 a year - that is a very basic village/country plot with no facilities except one tap between all of us and not allowed to have a shed either. Having said that it is very relaxed and friendly with only very basic rules and regulations.

Does your rent per year include water charges? Forester2 if it does its a bargain. Having not been able to have a shed is unfortunate but as me grandad used to say. Tha canrt have  everething in life can tha. He was a Yorkie as well.Regards Brian.


I am about to take over an allotment in April.  I have been told the cost is £9 pa which I understand includes water.  I'm not sure yet of the regs. concerning sheds etc. but there are several plot holders who keep chickens on there so obviously little coops are allowed.

It strikes me as a bargain.......particularly with inclusive water (my house is metered being an old commercial property so I am always wary of how I use water )


Yes Brian it does include water but as there is only one tap between us all, use is very limited and trudging several hundred feet carrying watering cans is very tiring.  I have a water butt, but the contents don't seem to go very far.  Having said that I do seem to get reasonable crops just relying on what comes from the heavens.

Philippa - the fee for your potential plot is incredibly cheap.

Forester2 are you allowed a hose pipe from the tap to your plot?Worth checking on.Philippa you have an allotment costing you 20pence a week a lettuce in Tesco will cost you a fortune. Good on yer lass best O luck.Regards Brian.


lucky buggers, still waiting for mine


wish i could get allotment,been on waiting list 3 years, up from number 45 to 43..woohoo!neighbour has one,apparently all sorts of cash changes hands if you want one and an existing holder wants to sell, v sad,would love to get children into growing veg, only got room for few tomatoes and herbs here

Brian...........I know, I's wonderful and I can't wait to get on it............just so annoying about the weather tho.  Still, I've got til April............surely it will be better by then ?

I live in Saddleworth (Oldham area) and have a large garden with some veg plots - probably at least the size of a standard allotment. Also have a greenhouse and electricity and water.

Due to an illness I wont be growing much this year so it's available to anyone who wants to use it. I only ask for a few veg if there's any left !!


Marie............I remember reading about garden owners with too much space and offering it to those who wanted to grow stuff.  I'm pretty sure it was something to do with River Garden ( Hugh someone...........sorry I can't bring his name to mind ).  There is a network throughout the UK.......maybe try something like Garden Swap. I know it exists ......I'm just sorry I cannot remember the route to go thru.  Someone on here will know more I am sure.

Marie............Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall ?  Atrocious spelling probably but something like that


Thanks Philippasmith2

I've now registered with "Landshare" - through River Garden.

Mines £30 per yr which I thought cheap but evidently not. The biggest expense this year will be building a fence but after that I'm hoping to recycle as much as possible.

It must be expensive people starting from scratch with no tools, pots or trays. I've had stuff donated - a rust old wheel barrow, the wheel still turns though and I can't imagine anyone would want to steal it. The cleaning lady at work saves toilet rolls for me in exchange for a few bedding plants and I've had a couple of pallets donated, hopefully with more on the way to build a compost area.     

...and it's cheaper than a subscription to the gym

Our allotments are free but there is no water. We have a Heath Robinson- ish system of water collection points with barrels, pipes and butts. Only a few rules and NO livestock!  the fence costs the most to keep out Peter Rabbit & chums and Ratty. My fence cost about 250 last year. I scrounge wheelbarrows from our local tip - a goldmine for useful bits and pieces.

Our local tip has CCTV and you aren't allowed to take anything away, even your own stuff if you change your mind after depositing it... that's a short story...I was speechless after asking for some plastic plant pots someone had left.



My costs are mostly tools because I'm just starting out. Its best I don't try to work out what I'm spending it'll take the fun out of gardening!