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star gaze lily

Found this growing in a pot, anyone know what this is please.



This looks like seedlings of Himalayan Honeysuckle - Leycesteria formosa. Probably a blackbird has deposited the seeds after eating them. Very attractive racemes of blackcurrant coloured flowers, followed by dark fruits.

star gaze lily

Lol, l've got one of those in my garden!  These leaves are quite small, didn't recognize it as that doh! 

I love them too nut, glad its one of those. Many thanks.


Yes, it is one of those, and beautiful too. Birds, esp. blackbirds love the berries. Enjoy



I sowed some saved campanula seeds in a pot and the two plants that have come up are those! Definitely not campanulas. Wondered what they were, so thank you. I have a Leycesteria in the garden.

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