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I have bought 3 Crinum bulbs,does anyone know how and when to plant them please,would they be better in a pot or in the ground

Thank you 


Basically I haven't a clue, out of curiosity I Googled Crinum, loads of info on the web. They sound really interesting, best of luck. Hope some knowledgeable gardener can help you out here.


I've not got any at the moment - in the past I found they did well very tightly potted in an earthernware pot in a very gritty loam-based compost with lots of crocks in the bottom.  They were kept outside in a sunny spot in the summer but brought into a cool conservatory in the winter.  


 In one of Christopher Lloyds books he talks about putting them in a wet bit by a pond where they did very well.

In my dry soil they survive and flower a bit though not inmpressively. The bulbs are enormous eventually and resist efforts to remove them, coming back the next year even when damaged. 

I think everything is better in the ground though I do have plants in pots sometimes



Christopher Lloyd had the greenest fingers ever!  

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